Historical Sites & Places of Interest

International Boundary Marker

After an arduous journey up the Sabine River, the crew members stopped over in Logan’s Ferry. When the 32 parallel was reached they placed a granite marker on the west bank of the Sabine River, thus the site near Logansport, Louisiana became known as the International Boundary marker. Learn more about the International Boundary Marker.

Moses Rose Burial Site

In a remote DeSoto Parish cemetery a new granite grave marker has been placed to mark the resting place of Louis Moses Rose. The cemetery is locally known as the “Ferguson Cemetery”. Few grave markers remain within the cemetery. Learn more about the Moses Rose Burial Site.

Logans’s Ferry Site

Doctor Dick Logan arrived by log wagon to the river area, known then as Waterloo because of the violence that was prevalent in this area. He practiced medicine on both sides of the river. Doctor Logan established the first ferry at the site of Waterloo; the settlers began to refer to the area as Logan Ferry, which later became Logan Port. Learn more about the Logans’s Ferry Site.

Railroad Station Site

The timbers to construct the narrow gauge railroad bridge across the Sabine River were shipped to Logansport on the decks of the Riverboats. Bringing the Railroad to the Town of Logansport and sealing the fate of the Riverboats’ importance for the shipment of goods up the river to Logansport and back down to ports on the Sabine River at the Gulf Coast near Orange, Texas. Learn more about the Railroad Station Site.

Historical Cemetery

The Logansport City Cemetery was established in 1882, as a result of the request of Robert Henry Alton. He asked that when he left this earth, that he be buried on the hill, near the babbling brook. The family honored his wishes and a cemetery was established around his gravesite and remains in use today. Learn more about the Historical Cemetery.

Bucking Horse

If you tell someone you are from Logansport, Louisiana, the likely response is “I know where Logansport is, isn’t that where the Bucking Horse is on that building there?” So it is with this in mind that a decision was made to include our famous Bucking Horse in the Historical section of our web pages. Learn more about the Bucking Horse

Glenn Price Memorial Walkway

“Glenn Price Day” was declared in Logansport on April 9, 2011 and the official proclamation was read by Mayor Katherine Freeman. DeSoto Parish Police Jurors also honored Glenn Price with a proclamation for the momentous occasion. Learn more about the Glenn Price Memorial Walkway.