Beautification Committee

The Town of Logansport established a Downtown Beautification Committee in June of 2005 consisting of 12 individuals of varying backgrounds that all have a common interest in the betterment and beautification of Logansport. To learn more about this committee and the resulting community effort use the tab to the left.

Community Facilities Committee

With the completion of the River Stage and other public structures that will be utilized by local citizens and others from the entire surrounding DeSoto Parish area, a need for guidelines setting the scope of uses, the fees to be applicable and the need to provide for clean-up has been recognized. To learn more about this committee use the link to the left.

Festival Committee

The River City Events Planning Committee was established in 2008. The RCEP Committee is a non-profit group that is dedicated to the community in an effort to increase commerce and improve the community. To learn more about the Festival Committee

Historic Committee

Realizing the existing resources currently available to Logansport, the Committee began researching opportunities to spark economic growth within the Historic downtown Commercial District. An immediate opportunity was realized as plans for widening U.S. Hwy 84 from Texas into Louisiana through Logansport began to accelerate. Logansport has just begun the efforts to have the Downtown District recognized as a Historic District. To learn more about this committee and its ongoing efforts within Logansport use the link to the left.

Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning serves as an advisory body to the Town Council on matters related to growth and development. Learn more about the Planning and Zoning committee.

River Stage Committee

The Town of Logansport’s newest public facility is the River Stage. With its expected use as a venue for outdoor productions, musical events over the Sabine River, Pageants, Weddings, festival gatherings and much more it is recognized that a committee will be needed to oversee the use and management of the River Stage. If you want to find out more about this committee use the link to the left.