Parish Resources


The parish has been in the center of timber growing since it was established over 100 years ago. Companies like International Paper Company and more that buy, cut, and transport timber from the surrounding pine plantations and hardwood forests. Trees are used for many purposes, from pulpwood to heave timbers, to bio-fuels. DeSoto Parish has a thriving timber business driven by several major employers that include International Paper Company, a one-half billion dollar paper mill which employs over 420 people; Mims Lumber; and Bedsole Timber Corporation.


The Sabine River and the Toledo Bend Reservoir forms the west boundary of DeSoto Parish. The Toledo Bend Reservoir Lake provides water for consumption, both personal and commercial use. Recreation abounds on the lake and the Sabine River, with fishing, boating, water sports and sight-seeing as favorite past times. The lake also provides tourism attractions such as the Logansport Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Sand Bass Tournament.


Lignite mining by the Dolet Hills Mining Venture contributes heavily to the economy along with the CLECO-SWEPCO Power Plant.

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas has been explored in DeSoto Parish since the early 1900’s and has been an important contributor to the parish’s economy. With the discovery and resulting exploitation of the Haynesville Shale, DeSoto Parish and all of its towns and communities have benefited from the shale deposit beneath DeSoto Parish’s boundaries. DeSoto Parish has gone from a minor entity in the Oil & Gas business to a viable national entity.